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    No practice tomorrow morning.  See you Monday for practice and pancakes.

    1.  RSVP and sign up for a job and concessions at Monday’s meet by 11:30pm Friday.  

    2. If you took a timing stopwatch home, please return it to Jen Moskal. 

    Great job tonight, Manta Rays!  We lost 213-149…

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    Thursday Practice and Pancakes

    Remember, Thursday (tomorrow) is a meet day!  

    9 and olders swim 8:30-9:00

    8 and unders swim 9:00-9:30

    Pancake breakfast after!

    Report to Kingsmill at 5pm!

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    RSVP for Kingsmill

    Meet Entries and Job Signups for our meet on this Thursday at Kingsmill CLOSES at 11:30 pm tonight!  Please sign up for both TONIGHT!  

    We will report to Kingsmill at 5:00pm Thursday.  The address is in the Links tab.  


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    Drink Signup is OPEN! Please sign up!

    The one-time drink signup is on the calendar, listed on August.  Please sign up to bring 1-2 items.  If you have already brought drinks, thank you!!!  Please sign up anyway, just so we know who has brought what.  
    We appreciate all our Manta Parents, who go above and beyond…

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    Time Trials is ON!

    The weather looks good.  See you at 2pm!

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