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    2024 Team Registration

    Welcome to the 2024 Williamsburg Community Pool Manta Rays! This website is happy when an email address is only assigned to one person. If your swimmer does not have a separate email, leave it blank and please do not re-list your own. Please register by May 20th, 2024 to guarantee your swimmer(s) will receive a shirt.

    Parents / Guardians
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    Parent / Guardian Information

    Parent / Guardian Information

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    Graduating Seniors

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    Pool membership

    I am a member in good standing of the Williamsburg Community Pool. (This is a VPSU rule - you have to have paid your pool dues.)


    I will volunteer at every swim meet.

    Hosting a swim meet requires 60+ volunteers. Parents and swimmers must contribute to the running of each home and away meet. 


    Manta Ray Raffle:

    3 Top Prizes: $300, $150, $50

    Each swimmer is responsible for 3 $10 tickets for the raffle.

    Purchased tickets and money is due by the morning of our first home meet on June 17th. 

    Drawing will be at our first home meet on June 17th.

    Photo Release

    I give permission for photos of my swimmer(s) to be published for media purposes.

    This is voluntary. We will not post swimmers' full names or ages with their photos. 

    Team Pool Waiver

    The swimmer(s) listed about have my permission to participate in home and away meets scheduled by the VPSU for the 2024 summer swim season. In consideration of the benefits to be derived, I expressly waive all claims against the Williamsburg Area Memorial Community Center Pool, their agents, or representatives on account of any accident, injury, illness, or other damage that may occur in connection with, or incident to, these swim meets. These swimmers are in good physical condition, unless I have stated otherwise.

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