Meet Prep for June 20 meet

    This week is another home meet (against a much smaller team.)

    1. Please sign up for a volunteer job at the meet - we cannot run a meet without a full team of volunteers. This meet will be shorter and cooler than last week's endless evening. If you are unwilling to volunteer, your child may be scratched from the meet. If you need information or clarification about this, see Jen or Pam on deck Monday.
    2. Please donate a food item for concessions. The signup for this is on the Swim Meets page directly under the June 20 swim meet.

    3. Last week we had some issues with the Sharpie art the kids drew on themselves and each other. We will not tolerate discriminatory, cruel, or vulgar Sharpie art. We will not tolerate Sharpie art that makes fun of any people group. Also, any drawings that can be interpreted as resembling anything inappropriate is prohibited on deck. Please monitor your children - even your teens - to insure that all Sharpie art is family-friendly. Offenders will be scratched from the meet.

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